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Looking for something Fun and Different to Celebrate! Kids and Adults will Love playing and dancing in the foam while music plays and beach balls fly.

What is a

A Party that makes a special day even more memorable. Piles of FOAM (no clean up required) Music, loads of fun and beachballs to keep. We can accommodate - home parties, birthday parties, school events, church events, gender reveals, day cares, community events, festivals, camps and more.

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High quality foam cannon is capable of shooting foam 30ft, covering and entire 30 x 30 sq. ft area up to 4 feet high. It's pretty awesome!

Safe for grass

The soap foam is a standard bubble solution. It will not harm your lawn or any other greenery. Its like getting a good watering. 


Our foam is biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. It will not harm skin or clothing.

Eco and Pet Friendly

Safe for the environment, no harsh chemicals, nothing left behind. Yes, your pets can get FOAMY with you! 

What We Need From You

Electrical Outlet

Lawn Foam will need access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet of foam area.

Water Hose Spigot

Lawn Foam will need access to a water spigot within 100 feet of foam area.

Safe Open Area

A 20 x 20 foot area of open play space is recommended, for MAXIMUM fun!

Foam Parties Lubbock Texas
Foam Party
Get Foamy!

The Lawn Foam Cannon will fill your party area with piles of FOAM. With music and beach balls. Great way to have a fun, creative experience no one will forget.

1 Hour Party - $225
add 1/2 Hour - $100
add 1 Hour -  $200

Prices listed reflect our Lubbock standard service area

Bubble party services, bubble birthday parties in Lubbock Texas
Bubble Parties
Bubbles are Magical!

We will produce a FUN bubble landscape to play in. We offer a captivating bubble experience that will have your guests excited. Who doesn't want to play in bubbles.

1 Hour Party - $125
add 1/2 Hour - $25
add 1 Hour - $50 

Prices listed reflect our Lubbock standard service area

glow foam parties Lubbock Texas, UV glow party
Night Glow Party
Let's Glow!

The Lawn Foam cannon will fill your party area with piles of GLOW Foam. (UV Foam) Illuminated by UV lights. With music and beach balls. Blow your party guests away with this unique experience.
1 Hour Party - $295
add 1/2 Hour - $125
add 1 Hour - $225

Prices listed reflect our Lubbock standard service area

Bigger Foam Party
Get More Foamy!

2 cannon Foam Party. This is recommended for larger groups 50 or more participants. We utilize our standard foam cannon and our large foam cannon. More foam, more fun!

1 Hour Party - $450
add 1/2 hour - $200
add 1 hour - $400

Lawn Fonts mini sign
Say it With Us!

Personalized name yard sign for the party. We will deliver, set up and pick up. Name along with the word PARTY. Balloons and stars included. 

Add to Party - $50


15 JUNE 2023

Official Member National Foam Party Day

National Foam Party Day

What is National Foam Party Day? America’s newest, coolest and cleanest way to celebrate any special event in your backyard is with a Foam Party!

Let’s all get together and celebrate National Foam Party Day by having the nations largest foam party and cover the USA in a blanket of cool, clean foam bubbles!

What is a Foam Party? A foam party is just that…a party with foam!

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Beat the heat this summer by hosting a Foam Party and give your guests an unforgettable experience with a mountain of cool, clean, refreshing foam piled up to six feet high!


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